My name is Mansarée Kamara I’m a certified personal trainer, a mom of 3 and a former competitive volleyball player/coach. I started training myself in 2013 & began personal training in 2016. To me, fitness and health isn’t about being skinny or curvy—it’s about being the best version of yourself. 

I created the brand Murda Advanced Fitness to help support women with killing their inner critics and mastering their inner warrior. It is my passion to teach women how to murda the game; how to kill it every work out, in the kitchen, prioritizing goals just all around encouragement. 

 Despite living with an acute degree of scoliosis and pelvic floor pain, I've been able to pursue an active lifestyle using modified workout programs and rehabilitative exercises. My belief is that your mental health and emotional well being is just as important as working out. It is my goal and priority to enhance every aspect of your life.

With knowledge and motivation anything is possible xo